ExtraHop logo 400x160kIn the nearly two years since the IETF ratified the new TLS 1.3 standard for encrypting data, adoption of the standard has ticked up steadily, but many enterprises are still holding off. They fear that this new, strong encryption standard will negatively impact their ability to monitor their own environments for security threats, especially via common passive modes of decryption for traffic analysis.

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Colasoft Announces Release of UPM Network Performance Management Platform v6.0 With New Interface

Colasoft Logo Color 400x160Chengdu, China, July 2, 2020 - Colasoft Co., Ltd., a visionary provider of network performance analysis and diagnostics solutions, today announced the launch of UPM Unified Performance Management Platform v6.0. UPM is a network performance management platform that can comprehensively monitor the service quality of all nodes of business systems, quickly find and locate issues affecting key business performance and stability.

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The Road to a Next Generation Security Operations Capability

threatquotient logo 400x160Groups like SANSMITREGartnerFrost & SullivanForrester and IDC all discuss the central role that threat intelligence plays in a modern SOC. Understanding who is attacking you and how they are going about it, is a critical capability. But the focus is often on external sources, supported by the idea that the most valuable threat intelligence comes from outside your organization. 

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The Path to Continuous Authentication: Solving the Best of Breed Problem

okta logo 400 colorFor years the network perimeter has been the foundation for controlling access to digital resources: kill the network, and the user no longer has access. Today’s cloud-first world has changed that, shifting the security perimeter to users and devices—and as companies continue to adopt best of breed solutions that enable their workforce, they need identity providers that can effectively protect their systems.

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Easier Security Management Across Segmented Networks

illusive Logo 650Network segmentation—splitting up a network into smaller subnetworks—is a common practice, especially in large organizations. The benefits in segmenting networks include heightened network security, including better privilege management across different departments, isolating a successful attack (or other types of network failures) to a local network, and reduced attack surface, as well as better network performance through reduced congestion (fewer hosts in each subnetwork). Regulatory compliance can be a motivation as well. Additionally, previous mergers and acquisitions often necessitate that networks remain separate.  

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Cybersecurity Challenges in the Wake of COVID-19

accessdata logoAs the coronavirus continues to spread, the possibility for more disruption of day-to-day operations grows. For those who have migrated their workforce away from the office, working remotely without compromising security is critical and challenging. According to Global Workplace Analytics, 50% of U.S. workers are now working from home full time but cybersecurity concerns are confronting organizations, 48% of which according to Slack, are struggling to enable a Work Remote Solution.

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