How Security Analysts Can Collaborate while Working Remotely

threatquotient logo 400x160Prior to the global health crisis, the most recent survey from Global Workplace Analytics found that only 3.6% of the employee workforce works from home half-time or more. Clearly that percentage is surging as government guidelines mandate people work from home, self-quarantine and use social distancing.

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Moving to the Cloud? Okta Gets You There Quickly and Safely

okta logo 400 colorAccording to IDC, cloud spend is out-pacing non-cloud spend by 8x. The same report estimates that half a trillion dollars will be spent on cloud hardware, software and services by 2020. It’s clear that almost every organization on the planet is on a cloud journey of some sort, as Gartner predicts that 75% of them will have deployed a multi-cloud or hybrid-cloud model for IT by 2020.

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Make Sure Information Protection is Baked into Microsoft Teams from the Start

Nucleus Cyber Logo LIGHT shadowMicrosoft Teams has rapidly become a key collaboration tool for many organizations quickly growing from 44 million to over 75 million users in just a few months. However, if not set up properly from the start it can potentially leave your business-critical data exposed from accidental sharing or oversharing with the wrong individuals or Teams – or worse theft. Ensure Microsoft Teams information protection success and avoid any pitfalls by making sure you provision sites/teams with these 3 key practices in place.

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ExtraHop logo 400x160kWhile enterprises have experimented with work from home policies for years, the experiment suddenly shifted to be the only option as COVID-19 forced millions of employees into remote work in an attempt to slow the transmission of the deadly disease. While WFH is not a new concept, it had never been attempted at this large of a scale, nor had it been embraced by all companies.

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Phishers Cast a Wider Net in the African Banking Sector

cofense logoThe Cofense Phishing Defence Center (PDC) has uncovered a wide-ranging attempt to compromise credentials from five different African financial institutions. Posing as tax collection authorities, adversaries seek to collect account numbers, user IDs, PINs and cell phone numbers from unsuspecting customers.

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New Versions of AccessData’s FTK® and AD Lab Deliver Expanded and Enhanced Internet and Mobile Analysis

accessdata logoOrem, Utah – May 28, 2020 – AccessData Group, a leading provider of integrated digital forensics and e-discovery software, today announced the release of FTK® and AD Lab 7.3, new versions of the company’s digital forensics software solutions that feature enhancements that make it easier for users to parse and investigate mobile devices and internet-based artifacts.

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Chronology of COVID-19 Phish Found in Environments Protected by Proofpoint During the Pandemic

cofense logoCofense was one of the first to report on the risk of COVID-19 themed phishing threats and launched its Coronavirus Infocenter on March 12, 2020. Since that time, we’ve seen no slow down. Every day we see new examples. And while the tactics and schemes may differ, one thing remains consistent: phishing attacks are bypassing secure email gateways, and gateways are not stopping the attacks.

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