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Using Personalized Watermarks to Prevent Data Loss and Aid in Forensics

NC Logo Color 400x160Collaboration tools have provided companies with a lifeboat, allowing employees to work from home in the midst of a pandemic. They make communication, idea sharing and collaboration on documents possible from anywhere. However, it’s that same ease which also make it easy for data misuse or theft to occur due to negligence or malicious intent.


here’s a variety of DLP and security tools to aid in protecting documents, but there are ways to circumvent those systems. For instance, taking a snapshot of a document on your screen. Watermarks offer a perfect solution to augment your information security practices, providing a visual deterrent to prevent data loss and aid in forensics.

If you’re not convinced you need additional security protocols, consider this latest data. Since the onset of COVID-19, companies are reporting sharp increases in data loss with a:

  • 123% increase in data being copied to USB drives with 74% of that data marked as “classified”
  • 49% increase in email attachments
  • 42% increase of printing (at home)
  • 24% increase of saving to home office network attached storage ...read more!
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