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Government agencies under attack: How a SOC can protect against cyber threats

threatquotient logo 400x160Traditionally, large companies have been the main targets of hackers, as they attract potentially high ransom money. It goes without saying, however, that it is precisely those companies with a lot of capital that strengthen their IT security structures due to this threat. But what does this mean for cyber criminals? They are looking for new victims, with defence systems that are easier to crack and grown IT infrastructures as well as municipal or state funds.


In recent times, this has led to frequent attacks on the IT of government facilities, in which too little money is still invested and which, due to outdated structures, has become confusing for operators. The effects of cyber attacks are particularly devastating for government organizations. In many cases, not only does this cause purely economic damage to the agency itself, but citizens are also victims of data protection abuses. In the worst case – such as attacks on health care facilities – medical care and other important services can even fail. Recently, the Klinikum Fürth was the victim of a hacker attack. In December 2019, the IT of the facility was paralyzed by the malware attack, which meant that the admission of patients had to be temporarily halted. ..read more!

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