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About HYPR:

HYPR is the leading provider of passwordless multi-factor authentication (MFA) solutions. With its patented smartphone-initiated True-Passwordless MFA solution, HYPR simplifies the login process while preventing attacks that result from weak and stolen passwords.

The HYPR solution protects identities while providing a high level of user convenience. With HYPR, companies and public authorities close an important security gap by having their users perform multi-factor authentication already at desktop login.

HYPR – True Passwordless Multi-Factor Authentication

By eliminating the password, HYPR forces cybercriminals to attack each user identity individually and can drastically reduce account takeover. Key benefit: HYPR performs smartphone-initiated, passwordless MFA at the desktop (Windows or Mac) login, making tedious password entry and password recovery tasks a thing of the past.

Core functions

Passwordless multi-factor authentication (MFA) on the desktop closes the largest remaining MFA gap and frees your employees from annoying password entries and changes

True Passwordless Single Sign On
(SSO) through integration with your identity providers eliminates the need for further push authentication requests

Flexible authentication platform enables unified MFA for tablet and smartphone access to web and mobile apps

Central FIDO Control Centre ensures clear management of iOS and Android smartphones, platform authenticators such as Hello or Touch ID as well as security keys (e.g. Yubikey).

Unique selling points

Smartphone-initiated MFA

True single sign-on

Simplest administration

No shared secrets

Passwordless offline login

FIDO certified end-to-end 

Fast Identity Online (FIDO)

HYPR uses public key cryptography and consistently implements FIDO standards for its passwordless multi-factor authentication.

  • Impact of the technology

    on security:
    • Greatly increased security when logging on to the desktop and critical applications
    • Reduced vulnerability through elimination of passwords and shared secrets
     on compliance:
    • Compliance with multi-factor authentication policies
    • PSD2 compliance in the banking environment and for eCommerce merchants
    on TCO:
    • Time savings for users for all login processes
    • Reduction of helpdesk efforts due to obsolete password resets
    on optimising resources:
    • Improved employee satisfaction through elimination of passwords
    • Concentration of efforts on a uniform MFA platform
  • Usage scenarios of the technology

    • Simplified desktop login, as instead of entering passwords, your employees initiate lightning-fast, passwordless authentication via smartphone
    • Unify multi-factor authentication across your organisation by consolidating multiple MFA apps and creating a consistent, passwordless login experience with HYPR
    • Prevent phishing and credential stuffing attacks that exploit passwords and their reuse
    • Saving helpdesk and service costs caused by forgotten or incorrectly entered passwords
    • Future-proof MFA implementation by decoupling authentication from identity provider solutions
  • Certifications

    • HYPR FIDO® Authentication Server
    • HYPR FIDO2® Authentication Server
    • HYPR FIDO® UAF Client + Fingerprint for iOS
    • HYPR FIDO® UAF Fingerprint for Android
    • HYPR FIDO® UAF Client for Android
  • Licensing

    • Licensing is per user according to the subscription procedure.
    • The standard terms are 12, 24 or 36 months.
    • There are graduated prices (1 - 2500 / 2500 - 5000 / 5000 - 10.000 etc.)
  • Advantages of a partnership with HYPR

    • Successful acquisition of new customers through the sale of a unique security solution that addresses a specific problem

    • Generate cross-selling revenue by placing it as a complementary MFA solution with identity provider customers, offering significantly more value to its users.

    • Recurring revenue through SaaS business model (subscription)

    • Long-term customer loyalty through integration into key business processes

    • Competent sales and technical support from Subject Matter experts

  • Vendor support

    • Standard Premium Support 24x7, English-speaking

  • Awards

    • 5 most innovative cybersecurity startups (CRN Survey auf RSA  im Mai 2021)

  • Technology partnerships

    • Okta
    • OneLogin
    • Ping Identity
    • Forge Rock
    • Microsoft
    • Yubico

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