Kaspersky Technologies for medium-sized companies

Kaspersky's comprehensive security portfolio includes leading endpoint protection and a range of specialized security solutions and services to defend against complex and evolving cyber threats. Kaspersky technologies protect over 400 million users and 250,000 corporate customers.

Product overview

When a company is growing or is currently in the process of digital transformation, resources are usually already at their limit. Medium-sized companies therefore opt for Kaspersky's comprehensive defense shield against all types of malware threats, which offers immediate protection, can be scaled as required and best suits their individual IT security strategies.
The strengthening of the security awareness of employees completes CyberSecurity strategies. Therefore, Kaspersky has developed the so-called Automated Security Awareness Platform ASAP specifically for the requirements of medium-sized businesses. Further information about this and how you can test ASAP for free can be found under the following link.

Best practice recommendation for the IT decision maker in medium-sized companies

To reduce overall costs, consolidate various security technologies at the endpoint, optimize IT resources and achieve a very high level of IT security against cyber threats, we recommend using Kaspersky Total Security for Business with EDR Advanced as well as conducting security awareness trainings for employees.

Kaspersky USPs

  • Kaspersky is an independent and privately held company.

  • Kaspersky protects against cyber attacks by organized cyber criminals, organizations that endanger democracy or organizations close to the government.

  • Kaspersky reduces the risk of unknown threats through modern detection technologies (EDR, NDR, TI).

  • Basis for the establishment of so-called Cyber ​​Defense Centers (CDC).

  • The central management can be operated locally or from the cloud.

Effects of technology on security, compliance, TCO & optimization of resources

  • Detection and elimination of digital industrial espionage attacks
  • Increasing the level of security by strengthening the "human firewall" through awareness training
  • Cost savings in the infrastructure through outsourcing to the cloud
  • Centralization of cyber security strategies by one provider
  • Relief of resources in IT departments
  • Compliance with compliance regulations (GDPR, HIPPA, ISO27001, PCI DSS, etc)



  • Application scenarios

    • Securing digitization strategies
    • Protection of virtual infrastructures
    • Detection of targeted attacks on sensitive network areas and critical infrastructures
    • Consolidation and IT cost savings through the elimination of various security technologies at the end point
    • Rapid response to incidents through Incident Response and Assessment Services
    • Protection of MS Office365 applications
    • Prevent ransomware from encrypting sensitive data
    • Central protection and detection platform for all types of malware and APTs
  • Benefits of a partnership with Kaspersky

    • The market for cyber security technologies offers double-digit growth opportunities and attractive margins.
    • Kaspersky CyberSecurity technologies encourage the generation of consulting and service revenues.
    • Kaspersky offers technologies and services for the complete Cyber-Kill-Chain.
    • Broad and deep product portfolio, which enables companies of all sizes to protect themselves from current and future cyber threats and to prevent industrial espionage and sabotage.
    • Using market-leading technologies, Kaspersky enables the detection and response to complex cyber-attacks.
    • Kaspersky supports the CyberSecurity Frameworks from MITRE ATT@CK and NIST.
  • Benefits of a partnership with ectacom

    • Successful Kaspersky distribution in DACH for 17 years
    • 30 man-years of technical Kaspersky expertise in installation, configuration, migration and training.
    • Partner Marketing Campaigns that drive growth.
    • Dedicated Kaspersky SalesSupport team.
    • Experienced Kaspersky Product Management.
    • Kaspersky pre-sales and sales support for first appointments.
    • Personal support from the Key Account and Partner Account Management Team.
    • Comprehensive Prof. Services for efficient, cost-effective and professional Kaspersky installation on site or as a remote service.
    • Sales and technical Kaspersky trainings for partners at the ectacom locations, on-site or as virtual training.

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