QuoLab automates the management of threat intelligence, cases and incidents by bringing together external threat intelligence (TI) feeds, information silos, security tools and ad hoc data operations into a unified environment.

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Headquartered in Maryland (USA), QuoLab Technologies is comprised of a diverse group of cyber operators, software engineers, data scientists and analysts devoted to creating innovative solutions to big/complex data management, visualization, analysis and sharing challenges. Our clients operate in cybersecurity, healthcare, government and policy/compliance. They benefit from our decades of experience crafting and delivering scalable, distributed data handling and processing solutions tailored to their specific use cases.

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Single Source Access (SSA)

QuoLab automates the management of threat information, cases and incidents by fusing external threat intelligence (TI) feeds, information silos, security tools and ad-hoc data operations in a unified environment. Partner connectors deliver native integrations with prominent vendors such as Mandiant, WhoIsXML, Domain Tools, VMRay, and Binary Ninja. An extensive library of external connectors provides full support for MISP, STIX, OTX, YARA, HTML, and many more “open” threat feeds. Baseline connectors for internal security controls (SIEM, firewalls, EDRs, etc) and data silos (Elasticsearch, Splunk, Webhooks, etc) combined with our robust REST API allows the more enterprising to configure and manage bi-directional data integrations. Ultimately, QuoLab's single source access (SSA) functionality ensures that critical threat information is holistically tracked at all times across all systems.

Enrich, Normalize & Automate

QuoLab's graph data model, automation framework and analytics engine combine with powerful technical analysis integrations for automated content extraction, advanced malware and function analysis, tag propagation, observation mapping of historical events, detailed link (killchain) analysis, custom analytics and much more. With full integration of custom tags and the MITRE ATT&CK framework, data enrichment and tracking has never been easier. Case management and automated alerts combine with custom dashboards for efficient management of the security threat-landscape, providing a unified threat workspace for all members of the team regardless of work role or experience level.

Collaborate & Report

Security professionals benefit from the experiences and insights of their peers and partners when empowered to securely and confidentially sharing threat and case information within communities of interest. This is accomplished via data connectors, MISP/TAXII broadcasting, and the GRID - QuoLab's decentralized (we never see your data!) and secure exchange framework. As QuoLab's data connectors support bi-directional data transport capability, you can desiminate threat information and case data at will. When implemented at scale, QuoLab crowdsources security operations and is the nexus of collaboration efforts.

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