Key- & Verschlüsselungsverwaltung
für Unternehmen

Application-oriented intelligent key management is required to ensure the security of your data - without compromising the productivity of your company.

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From the endpoint to the cloud

Thousands of companies rely on WinMagic, a pioneer in data encryption, to encrypt over 8 million endpoints in more than 90 countries.

With a data-centric security approach, SecureDoc solutions ensure that data is protected on notebooks, in physical and virtualized data centers, and in Cloud IaaS environments.

The mature, comprehensive encryption and unified, intelligent key management solution protects against threats and data loss and helps organizations meet data protection and compliance requirements.


Product & Function Overview

User- and device-based

Grant your users access to their devices,
regardless of which authentication option you use.

Company-wide and platform-independent device support

User data can be synchronized on all
hardware platforms and device types.

Control over encryption keys
in the Cloud

Maintain absolute certainty about
the security of your cloud data.
  • 1. Drive encryption:

    Endpoint encryption for notebooks, PCs, tablet PCs and removable storage devices

  • 2. Data encryption:

    1. Local Network
    2. Shared data
  • 3. Secure workloads:

    Cloud and endpoint:

    1. SEV (Secure Encrypted Virtualization) and FDE ( Hard Disk Encryption) are providing breakthrough technology.
    2. Storage and disk protection, as well as data in use and stored data, reliably protect the workload.
    3. Workloads can be securely protected in the Cloud - even from Cloud Service Providers.
    4. Manipulative protection against malware is another highlight.
  • 4. Intelligent key management:

    Everything about encryption.
    Uniform key management:

    1. The separation of key management and encryption components offers customers the best of both worlds. WinMagic's unified and intelligent key management is able to manage keys of third-party applications, platforms and entities inside and outside the company.
    2. It provides powerful technologies for sharing data both online and offline.
    3. The solution supports the secure storage and provision of keys.
    4. It also leads the way in interoperability between different platforms and applications.
  • 5. Security:

    1. MFA
    2. Device safety
    3. Zero-Trust Security


  • Operating system-independent encryption of laptops, desktops, smartphones and removable media. 

  • Platform-independent, unified encryption that protects data regardless of where it is store

  • Intelligent, unified key management solution inside and outside the enterprise that supports secure key storage and provisioning for all endpoints as well as cloud environments

  • Protect sensitive data in the cloud with centralised and policy-compliant cloud encryption 

  • Encryption also in the cloud - moving traditional endpoint encryption methods to the cloud & thus revolutionising data security for the entire industry

  • Efficient data security through secure workloads

  • Central management and control of all internal end-points as well as 3rd generation hard drives with integrated encryption chip


  • Common Criteria
  • BITS
  • JITC
  • OPSWAT Bronze-zertifiziert in der Verschlüsselungskategorie

Technology Partnerships

Hp, Microsoft, Lenovo, gemalto, AET, SafeNet, Seagate, ActiveIDentity, SanDisk, SK Hynix, Micron, Motion, crucial, Liteon, intel, Western Digital, Toshiba Memory


  • CATA Alliance
  • TechTarget
  • SC Magazine Innovator
  • CRN Test Center Recommended
  • Info Security
  • Impact of the technology

    On Security
    • Data is securely protected by encryption
    • SecureDoc offers multi-level authentication before system start-up, which is particularly suitable for customers who want to protect their systems against unauthorised access
    • Central data management ensures that your data is always reliably protected
    On Compliance
    • Compliance with NIST, FISMA and ISO standards
    • Encrypts not only transmitted data, but also stored data
    • Compliance with data protection and security regulations
    • Central management also gives you greater control and consistency for automated policies to manage user access, password rules and policy-based key issuance
    On TCO
    • Low management costs
    • IT infrastructure can be scaled in a reliable way
    On optimisation of resources
    • Bitlocker management with SecureDoc for endpoint and device encryption on all platforms
    • Flexible and easy implementation of passwordless authentication
    • Elimination of unnecessary encryption complexity
    • Comprehensive multi-platform client software provides simple and straightforward entry into passwordless authentication
  • Licensing

    • Each product except SecureDoc File Encryption is licensed per client (device, server).
    • SecureDoc File and Folder Encryption is licensed per user.
      Subscription and perpetual (purchase and subscription) licences are available.
    • SecureDoc offers additional add-on licenses including:
      - Encryption management functions File and folder encryption
      - Functions for full control of keys in public, private or hybrid clouds and for Windows and Linux operating systems.
  • Benefits of a partnership with WinMagic

    WinMagic offers its channel partners:
    • comprehensive technical support
    • product training, product marketing and other services necessary to provide customers with a reliable, versatile and secure data protection solution.
    Benefits of WinMagic-
    Channel Partners:
    • Increased value for existing and new customers
    • High quality and industry leading encryption solutions
    • Certified and award-winning technology
    • Increased sales and profitability
    • Sales and pre-sales support for key accounts
    • Revenue generation through consulting and implementation
    • Support from a trusted and recognised industry leader
    • Dedicated channel management teams
    • Global partner community for international deals
  • Benefits of a partnership with ectacom

    • Attractive 2-digit margins for proactive partners
    • Free certification training
    • On-site marketing workshops with development of cross-selling
    • Sales support during on-site or remote appointments
    • Partner branding through joint press releases
    • Additional lucrative contribution margins through self-used WinMagic Professional Services
    • Sales and technical training for partners at ectacom locations, on site or as virtual training

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