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censys | Integrating Asset and Cyber Risk with Censys & ServiceNow

25/07/2024 17:00 - 18:00
As modern threat actors evolve with alarming speed, the demand for an integrated suite of security solutions becomes more critical. Join us for an insightful webinar where experts from Censys and ServiceNow will delve into how their integrated solutions can transform your vulnerability management processes.

Discover how the seamless integration between the Censys Attack Surface Management solution and ServiceNow’s Vulnerability Response (VR) module empowers organizations to prioritize vulnerabilities with comprehensive visibility into assets and cyber risks. Learn how this partnership facilitates fast and efficient responses by automating workflows and enhancing collaboration between security and IT teams.

During this webinar, you will:
  • Gain insights into the benefits of integrating Censys and ServiceNow for robust vulnerability management.
  • Explore real-world use cases demonstrating the efficiency of automated and streamlined security workflows.
    • Reduce attack surface risk by identifying and responding to vulnerabilities on exposed systems in the organization.
    • Automate the prioritization and response to vulnerabilities detected on an organization's external attack surface.
    • Reduce manual work of aggregating, analyzing, and reporting on vulnerability data.
  • Understand how to leverage this integration to improve your organization’s security posture and response times.
    • Newly available on the ServiceNow Store as a Certified Integration!
Don't miss this opportunity to enhance your security operations with the powerful combination of Censys and ServiceNow. Register now to secure your spot!
Alexa Slinger

Director of Product Marketing at Censys

Marcin Kranz.png
Marcin Kranz

Senior Product Manager at Censys