Social Media Cyber Risk in the Age of Rapid Change

Zerofox logoIt has been only a matter of weeks since Elon Musk first announced changes to Twitter’s verification policy, and it’s been a whirlwind of activity (read: chaos) ever since. On November 9, I shared some initial thoughts around potential cybersecurity challenges, and as policy changes have been made public, two things are clear: 1. social media cyber risks aren’t new, but rapidly changing platform 


PII Removal: Safeguarding Your Enterprise by Limiting Employee Personal Data Online

Zerofox logoThere is a good chance that within just a few minutes with a Google search you were able to locate personal identifying information (PII) of your executives and likely yourself, whether it was physical addresses, children’s names, parent’s names, email addresses, or phone numbers. This information is often housed online, by legal data brokers, who buy and sell your information.


Fast Facts: Black Friday and Cyber Monday Scams

Zerofox logoThreat actors are counting on urgency and enthusiasm created around BFCM to hide in plain sight and defraud their victims. And, unlike other types of scams and attacks, both retailers and consumers are attractive targets during this time of year.


Introducing Security Spotlights

Logrythum Kopie 2At LogRhythm, we are always looking to make it easier for you to detect and respond to cybersecurity threats quickly and effectively. With this in mind, we’ve launched our short video series, 


Conceal Threat Alert: BATLOADER

ConcealLogoBack in February, Mandiant reported on the discovery of a new piece of malware they called “BATLOADER”. The malware is delivered via malicious web sites that are disguised as download sites for legitimate consumer software. To increase the reach of the web sites, the attackers utilized search advertising to drive users who were looking to download certain types of software. A recent blog post by researchers at VMWare Carbon Black indicates that the tool continues to be widely distributed.


Introduction to Serverless Vulnerabilities

cobalt color mark logotype FKkWith serverless computing, application developers can deploy code as functions instead of managing servers, and servers will be assigned based on demand. It uses the Function-as-a-Service (FaaS) model of cloud computing, making it simple for developers to package and deploy their code without worrying about the complicated server infrastructure.


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