Trellix Finds Business Services Top Target of Ransomware Attacks

thThe report features research from Trellix Threat Labs into connected healthcare and access control systems. It also includes analysis of email security trends and details the evolution of Russian cybercrime related to the conflict in Ukraine where new malware or methods have yet to be observed. Key findings:


Under the Hood. Group-IB Managed XDR

Group IB logo colorIndustry experts have discussed the need to use multi-layered defense against cyberattacks for more than a dozen years. The idea behind the concept is to build several barriers using various security tools at different levels, including the perimeter, servers, end points, remote hosts, etc. 


Boardroom Cues: Ever heard of vicarious liability? You might be facing it!

Zerofox logoRemember the cyber attack at US information technology major SolarWinds? In early 2020, hackers broke into the company’s systems and added malicious code into the company’s software. The cyber attack spread to its clients and went undetected for months, with hackers being able to spy on organizations including elite cybersecurity firms and important US government departments.


Email Threat Detection: What MSPs Need to Know

Vade Logo RGBThe cybersecurity situation has escalated to a point where every organization needs to have advanced email security solutions in place. MSPs are well aware of the existence of email-borne cyberthreats, but many are still underestimating the scope and complexity of modern attacks. This often leads to assumptions and complacency that leaves vulnerabilities unaddressed.


Security Automation, Lessons Learned from Top Gun: Maverick

threatquotient logo 400x160The cybersecurity industry has talked about security automation for years. We’ve grappled with what, when and how to automate. We’ve debated the human vs machine topic. And when we’ve been burned by machines quarantining a system or blocking a port on a firewall in error, we’ve wondered if there’s any place at all for automation. 


The Value of Access Management for Your Business

onelogin 400x120 colorToday’s modern businesses are faced with numerous challenges including security concerns, risk mitigation, and compliance issues. As a result, access management (AM) solutions have become one of the most sought-after technologies in recent years.


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