Herkömmliche Malware in Industrieumgebungen

Es gibt einige Geschichten über die Art von Air-Gap-Netzwerken, die normale Leute in Spionagefilmen oder bei „Mr. Robot“ sehen. Es geht darum, dass Systeme, die nie dem Internet in Verbindung standen, nicht kompromittiert werden konnten.


Maximale Sicherheit und zuverlässiger Datenschutz mit Kaspersky Private Security Network

Sicherheitslösungen bedienen sich Cloud-Datenbanken, um in kürzester Zeit über neue Malware informiert zu werden. Unternehmen, die ihr geistiges Eigentum besonders schützen müssen oder sich mit strengen Datenschutzauflagen konfrontiert sehen, z. B. Behörden, Finanzdienstleister oder Krankenhäuser, stellt die Cloud-Nutzung vor eine besonders große Herausforderung.



Kaspersky Lab is adapting to the needs of an ultra-connected world. A world in which people and organizations require greater transparency and trust. Starting from 2018, we are redesigning our infrastructure and moving the location for where we store and process some of our data, and build new software: the stuff that keeps our customers the world over safe from existing, new and emerging threats. ...Kaspersky Artikel weiterlesen!

New Month; New Sigma

Cofense Intelligence has observed several recent Sigma ransomware campaigns that demonstrate either a new iteration or a fork of this malware. Prior to these new campaigns, the actors behind Sigma stuck rigidly to two very distinct phishing narratives, as detailed in Cofense’s recent blog post, and relied on the same infection process. With these newly observed changes, Sigma’s operators have eliminated various infrastructure concerns and improved the UX (User eXperience) of the whole ransom process, representing the first major shifts in Sigma tactics, techniques and procedures (TTPs). ...Cofense Artikel weiterlesen!

Utilizing Vulnerability Assessments for Threat Detection

Threat detection is the art of identifying a potential active threat, correlating it to an appropriate set of risks, collecting indicators of compromise (IoC), and initiating the appropriate action. Organizations perform threat detection every day with solutions like anti-virus and behavioral and artificial intelligence analytics. Threat detection occurs at almost every layer within an organization and is one of the primary functions of every single security solution. ...BeyondTrust Artikel weiterlesen!

Deception Deployment Strategies: Containment versus Detection

Deception discussions often lead to honeypots and then some level of confusion begins. Add in an array of acronyms for deception including: breadcrumbs, decoys, traps, beacons, canaries and tarpits – and most people new to the topic see another security research project. Deception technologies within discussions can confuse deployment strategies leaving legacy perceptions about the topic falsely standing within our minds. Significant innovations have developed for deception defenses impacting deployment strategies. ...Fidelis Artikel weiterlesen!

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