Android-Malware tarnt sich als Porno-App

Android-Nutzer sollten Apps zur eigenen Sicherheit ausschließlich aus dem offiziellen Store herunterladen. Unter bestimmten Umständen ist es allerdings unmöglich diesen Rat zu befolgen; pornografische Inhalte zum Beispiel werden verständlicherweise aus dem Google Play Store verbannt. Liebhaber dieser Inhalte müssen auf Websites von Drittanbietern zurückgreifen – und auf denen wimmelt es nur so von Betrügern. ...Kaspersky Lab Artikel weiterlesen!

GDPR makes employee data security education essential

The compliance regulation du jour is the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). But many companies aren’t ready for the May 25th deadline and many don’t even know they need to pay attention. Of course, knowing whether your organization is subject to GDPR is only the beginning. You have to take steps to ensure you comply.

As more and more compliance regulations come into effect, it’s creating a lot of work for businesses as they shift, evolve or completely overhaul business processes and deploy tools to meet the requirements. The effort is worth it, though: This is an opportunity to show your customers how committed you are to building a solid relationship of trust – starting with protecting their data. ....Titus Artikel weiterlesen!

X.509 Vulnerabilities - Sometimes what’s missing is right in front of us, we only need to look.

Recent research conducted by Fidelis CyberSecurity's threat research team has identified a new method of covert channel data exchange using a well-known and widely implemented public key certificates standard (X.509) utilized in both TLS and SSL cryptographic internet protocol implementations. While certificates are a critical component of secure web communications, the way they are exchanged may be abused to allow the certificate itself to be hijacked for command and control communication. ...Fidelis Artikel weiterlesen!

Triple Crown: Kaspersky Anti Targeted Attack Platform Achieved 100% Detection Rate in ICSA Labs Test

With every third enterprise business having faced a targeted attack in the past year , it has become critical for organizations to have a strong advanced threat detection system. That’s what the Kaspersky Anti Targeted Attack Platform is designed for and its prowess has been proven in an independent test held by ICSA Labs, where the platform achieved a 100% detection rate of new and unknown threats for the 3rd quarter in a row.  ...Kaspersky Lab Artikel weiterlesen!

Fidelis Cybersecurity Launches Intelligent Deception Technology to Lure, Detect, and Defend Against Advanced Attackers

New Fidelis Deception Module offers real-time awareness to detect infected assets, anomalies, malicious activity, and insider threats without business interruption

Fidelis Cybersecurity (Fidelis), a leading automation detection and response company, today announced the Fidelis Deception Module as a part of Fidelis’ Elevate platform, to truly transform security operations. ...Fidelis CyberSecurity Artikel weiterlesen!

Protect private data by building a culture of security

This Sunday, January 28th is Data Privacy Day. The recognition of this day by governments and other organizations has been a reason for people and businesses to talk about data privacy and security. But first, we have to talk about what those words mean.

What is data privacy?

Countries around the world have passed legislation acknowledging that individuals have a right to privacy, meaning we should have the ability to control when and to whom access is given to our personal information. This type of legislation is more important than ever as technological advances have increased the amount of data we share. ...Titus Artikel weiterlesen!

Stop Office 365 Ransomware Attacks with Predictive Email Defense

It’s the big day. In a couple hours, you’re scheduled to present a report to upper-management that could put you in good standing for a promotion. You’re putting the last touches on your report when you receive an Excel spreadsheet (seemingly from a colleague) that contains the last few numbers you need. Moments later, your computer freezes. A ransomware message pops up: ...VadeSecure Artikel weiterlesen!


Don't Stop at Catch Rate: Why Evasion Handling Is Crucial

Last we checked, cybercriminals make their living by breaking rules. Exploits and malware often leverage system misconfiguration, application and operating system vulnerabilities, non-standard ports and protocols, and even misdirection (sleight of hand) in order to communicate with C&C servers, download malicious binaries and scripts, and deploy payloads. All is fair in love and war.

NSS Labs is well-known for measuring security product capabilities to detect and block malware and exploits. However, evasion handling, or a security product’s ability to recognize an obfuscated threat, is equally important. This is because of how frequently evasions successfully bypass controls and the consequences of results (NSS Labs testing has shown that many evasions permit malware to bypass security controls, even products from well-known vendors). ...NSS Labs Artikel weiterlesen!

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