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We Asked ChatGPT To Name Its Cybersecurity Risks. Here Are the Answers

12. Mai 2023

ChatGPT: you’ve heard it in the news, in the latest product releases from all types of technology companies, and probably around the dinner table in your own homes. In the past few months, we’ve gone from bewilderment (bordering on fear) to integrating ChatGPT’s power into existing technologies, to evaluating the security implications of the world’s latest AI fad. With news of a data breach and questions around privacy, it has never been more important to discuss the potential cybersecurity risks of ChatGPT and other Generative AI tools. 

And who better to discuss those risks with than ChatGPT itself. So we asked. In this article, we’ll share ChatGPT’s own answers to potential risks and steps individuals can take to protect themselves while using ChatGPT. We’ll also offer some tips from the ZeroFox perspective as we embark on our own generative AI path to optimize intelligence analyst workflows with the ability to analyze and contextualize malicious content online...Read More!