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What is Network Detection and Response (NDR)?

30. Mai 2023

Network Detection and Response Defined

Network detection and response (NDR) solutions are advanced security products that use artificial intelligence (AI) such as machine learning to detect and alert potential cyberthreats within an organization’s network. NDR tools help security operations and network security teams obtain full visibility and enhance network detection against a variety of threats such as sophisticated evasion methods (“known unknown” cyberthreats) and brand new zero-day threats (“unknown unknown” cyberthreats).

According to Gartner®, NDR solutions deliver incident response workflow interfaces that inform end users with:

    1. The high-level scope, severity, and probability of an unusual event being malicious.
    2. Events that are composed of alerts, details, and forensics to validate the maliciousness of the event.
    3. Recommendations on a course of action to remediate the more!