What is Passwordless Authentication?

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Passwordless authentication is an emerging authentication method that has been gaining traction as of late. In this post, we’ll explore what passwordless authentication is, the usability and security challenges that passwords present, and the benefits of passwordless authentication.

What is passwordless authentication?
At a basic level, passwordless authentication is any method of verifying a user without requiring the user to provide a password. Proving the user’s identity can instead be done using an alternative factor like a proof of possession factor (mobile authenticator apps, hardware token, one-time OTP), biometrics, or—in less than ideal cases—a knowledge factor (PIN, passphrase, etc).

You’re probably already familiar with some forms of passwordless from everyday use like logging into an app using FaceID on iOS, Android fingerprint authentication, and logging into your laptop via Windows Hello. But why is passwordless authentication gaining traction? Read more...

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