All apps on Google Play are safe: Fact or fiction?

Kaspersky LogoWe always recommend downloading Android apps from official stores and nowhere else. But that doesn’t mean there are no viruses in the Google Play. It is true, however, that you’ll find fewer of them in the official store than on third-party sites, and they get removed on a regular basis. 

How Google monitors the security of Android apps
It is no mean feat for malware to get into Google Play. Before they publish an app, moderators check it for compliance with an extensive list of requirements. If they find a violation, they ban the program from the store.


However, Google Play receives such a vast number of new apps and updates of existing ones that it is simply not possible for the moderators to keep track of everything. So from time to time, malicious apps do slip in. Here are some of the most striking incidents.

Dual-purpose scanner
Recently, our researchers detected malicious code in the CamScanner app for digitizing documents. Not only was the app available on Google Play, but according to the store it was installed by more than 100 million users. Read more...


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