ThreatQuotient Tops Frost & Sullivan’s List of Technology Innovators in the Threat Intelligence Platform Industry

In their recent analysis of threat intelligence platforms, Frost & Sullivan named ThreatQuotient the 2019 Technology Innovation Leader in the sector. Using their “360-degree research methodology” to assess industry challenges, trends and issues, Frost & Sullivan analysts identify companies and solutions that perform at best-in-class levels, evaluate them using two key factors – Technology Attributes and Future Business Value, and rank them using a scorecard and a scale of one to 10. We’re honored that ThreatQuotient received a 9.25 rating – squarely in the “Excellent” category and nearly two points ahead of the next closest competitor.

Frost & Sullivan states, “ThreatQ enjoys an edge over the competition as it is the only solution in the threat intelligence space that enables siloed security teams to work collaboratively and block threats effectively.” Some of the key technology attributes cited in the report that drive this are: 

  • “ThreatQuotient’s unique ability of providing real-time visualization and a collaborative investigation approach to its customers’ security teams, which no other competitor is offering.”
  • “The platform’s outstanding features of customized scoring and prioritized threats [that] empower its customers’ security teams to effectively block and protect enterprises from all manner of increasingly sophisticated threats.” 
  • Our unique self-tuning threat library that “makes it the perfect fit for a diverse set of customers.”
  • “Through its breadth and depth of integrations…ThreatQ can be easily adapted to work with many different customer environments.”

Excellence in technology innovation is part of our core mission and has driven our solution roadmap and investment strategy since our inception. With our threat-centric approach to security operations we have continued to push boundaries and are proud to say that ThreatQ is more than a threat intelligence platform. Security teams can prioritize based on threat and risk, collaborate across teams, automate actions and workflows and integrate point products into a single security infrastructure. These innovations allow our clients to use the ThreatQ platform to support many of the top use cases they face today, including spear phishing, threat hunting, incident response, alert triage, threat intelligence management and vulnerability management. Clients get the capabilities they need to optimize their security operations today, and know they’ll be able to solve additional security challenges in the future.

For a closer look at the research and results, download your complimentary copy of the Frost & Sullivan Best Practices Research on threat intelligence platforms.

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