What Are Microservices?

okta logo 400 colorMicroservices architecture, also known simply as “microservices,” is an approach to building software with modular services that are distinct and independent from each other. In recent years, microservices have become a popular choice for designing and deploying applications. They allow apps to be broken into smaller and loosely coupled pieces (microservices) that are independently tested, maintained, and deployed.


In the early days of app development, the entire source code was built into a single deployment unit; this is known as the “monolithic” approach. Back then, making even small changes to an existing app would require a fresh wholesale version update with its own quality assurance process, increasing the app’s deployment time and the workload of multiple contributing teams. If these updates introduced errors, then the whole app would have to be taken offline, deconstructed, and fixed.  ...read more!


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