Becoming the Legal Platform Every Company Needs

accessdata logoMore than a decade ago, I (along with many others) noticed that most businesses and individual business units had an array of software options designed specifically to help them manage tasks and do their jobs more effectively and efficiently. But not the legal department.


Ein Update zur Logo-Erkennungstechnologie

vadesecureDie Computer Vision-Technologie von Vade Secure ist darauf trainiert, Webseiten und E-Mails so zu betrachten, wie Menschen es tun. Sie analysiert Bilder, um relevante Merkmale zu extrahieren, die bei Phishing-Angriffen verwendet werden, z. B. Markenlogos, QR-Codes und verdächtige Textinhalte. Die Computer Vision-Technologie ist nur eine Komponente unserer Anti-Phishing-Technologie und eine zusätzliche Schutzschicht gegen hochentwickelte Phishing-Angriffe. 


Choosing the right architecture to establish and maintain a user session with the “authentic” user.

winmagic logo color 400The purpose of this blog is to examine the issues related to a Relying Party (RP) authenticating a user, establishing a user session with that user, and then maintaining confidence that the user at the other end of the session (the endpoint) continues to be the “authentic user” for the duration of the user session.  We start from the premise that asymmetric key based authentication is superior to other methods such as SMS text and OTP.  


Where do You Stand on the Top Threat Intelligence Considerations?

threatquotient logo 400x160The beginning of the year is always full of “bests and worsts” from the prior year, as well as predictions. These observations and insights can be fun, but they are usually just one person’s take. So, we decided to do something different. We conducted a community survey in January and invited visitors to our website to answer four questions. 


Ensure Business Continuity Through Availability or Reliability

onelogin 400x120 colorWe live in a world where we expect everything to be available 24/7. We want to be able to shop online, register for classes, watch movies whenever and wherever we want. This means many businesses now need to be running 24/7 or at least design the services that they provide so that they can be available 24/7. But we also live in a world where life doesn’t always happen as planned. 


Here's What You're Missing in the RangeForce Community Edition

rangeforce logoAt RangeForce, we strive to be a global leader in developing hands-on, interactive cybersecurity training experiences. We understand how pressing the cyber skills gap is, and we’re committed to closing it at both the individual and team level. That’s why we’re excited to announce some exciting                                                                 new updates to the RangeForce Community Edition. 


Smart Hooks: Top 5 Reasons to Use a Pre-Authentication Hook

onelogin 400x120 colorWith the exciting arrival of our new Smart Hooks feature, we’ve seen a number of unique and interesting use cases come out of the woodwork. In this post, I want to dig in and mention the top five use cases I’ve seen with the Pre-Authentication Hook so far. These are not ranked but are simply the top 5 most popular examples deployed by our customers.


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