Get Hooked on Platform Extensibility with OneLogin Smart Hooks

onelogin 400x120 colorA critical requirement of a modern technology platform is the ability to extend, customize or integrate with other systems. As a pioneer and value leader in cloud-based identity and access management (IAM), we’re well aware that one size does not fit all. Today, OneLogin is excited to announce the general availability of Smart Hooks, a new capability which is only limited by the imagination.


The Top Remote Work Security Threats Uncovered in New Report

NC Logo Color 400x160A year into the pandemic, organizations are still grappling with how to protect their assets. In a new survey, nearly 80% of respondents see data leakage as the greatest potential threat. The new 2021 State of Remote Work Security Report reveals additional insights into the status of organizations’ efforts to secure the new workforce, key challenges and unique security threats, technology gaps and investment priorities.


Ransomware Incognito: 5 Tools Targeted Ransomware Groups Use to Disguise Themselves

Illusive Logo RoyalBlue RGBThis is part 2 of a 3-part series looking at the evolving nature and sophistication of ransomware attacks. This series is a snapshot from the comprehensive eBook on the topic, Ransomware, Inc: The Rise of Targeted Ransomware Crime Syndicates, published by Alissa Valentina Knight and Knight Ink, and commissioned by Illusive. Read part 1, The Major Ransomware Threat Groups and What Makes Them Effective


JavaScript sniffers' new tricks: Analysis of the E1RB JS sniffer family

Group IB logo colorIn January 2021, Group-IB analysts came across a new JS sniffer family. While analyzing two infected websites, they found two similar samples that used unusual anti-detection techniques. Both samples had a unique hash for each request: when a victim visited an infected online store, the JS sniffer injector uploaded the JS sniffer main script, which represented a unique sample with unique obfuscated data and the names of all variables and functions.


COVID 19 Vaccine Phishing Email: Can’t Vaccinate Against This Phish – Or Can You?

cofense logoIt’s no secret that the COVID-19 vaccine is being rolled out and met with extreme enthusiasm. Some companies are reaching out to their employees personally to gauge interest in receiving the vaccine or, in some cases, signing them up to get vaccinated. As we have noted in previous Cofense blogs, threat actors have taken note and are crafting attacks impersonating these legitimate communications.


Microsoft Exchange Hack - der Patch kam bereits zu spät

 0000 drivelock logoIn einer Aufsehen erregenden Angriffswelle wurden im März 2021 aufgrund einer Sicherheitslücke im Microsoft Exchange Server weltweit zehntausende E-Mail-Server Opfer von Cyberattacken. Die Schwachstellen hatte in dem sogenannten Zero-Day-Exploit eine bisher unbekannte chinesischen Spionagegruppe mit dem Namen „Hafnium“ ausgenutzt. 


Beware of File-Share Phish

cofense logoThere will always be a document to sign or a file to share. With the pandemic still raging and employees resorting to a work-from-home lifestyle, file shares provide a reasonably safe and effective way to get a document from one person to another. Threat actors have taken notice, as seen by the Cofense Phishing Defense Center with the discovery of fraudulent file-share emails to deceive users. In this campaign, the threat actor has taken steps to appear as a trusted contact.


Cofense Intelligence ThreatHQ: Enabling Your Best Phishing Defense

cofense logoThreat actors continue to advance their tactics, techniques and procedures (TTPs), and are diversifying malware used in phishing campaigns to ensure their emails reach end users. Cofense Intelligence has seen these campaigns reach the inbox across a vast range of sectors and in environments protected by each major secure email gateway (SEG). 


Product 101: Why add anti-malware protection to a backup solution?

Acronis color 400x120Recent releases of Acronis True Image have included an integrated defense against ransomware, the fastest-growing cyberthreat. With the launch of Acronis True Image 2021, we expanded those capabilities to include a full range of advanced anti-malware capabilities, including real-time protection, antivirus scans, vulnerability assessment and videoconference app protection.


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