Vulnerability Scanning, Pentesting, Red Teaming … What’s Next?

PicusThis blog post will take a deeper look and comment on the paper 'Red Team: Adversarial Attack Simulation Exercises (AASE) – Guidelines for the Financial Industry in Singapore'. It was released in November 2018 by the Association of Banks in Singapore and – although targeting the financial industry in Singapore specifically – it also contains useful guidance on how to leverage various offensive security methods for security validation.

The AASE guidelines explain how and when to use methods such as vulnerability scanning, penetration testing, and red teaming. This blog post discusses where Breach and Attack Simulation (BAS) tools fit into this continuum.

 Singapore – Leading Through Technological Advantage
There are probably more adversaries around in cyber space than ever before – nation-state attackers, financially motivated crime groups, hacktivists, cyber mercenaries and many others. Countries are under a constant barrage of cyber-attacks against their critical national infrastructure. Singapore has carved out a leading position in the East through the rapid adoption and widespread dissemination of advanced technology. This has led Singapore to become targeted by many hostile nations and other threat actors. Read more...

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