The DevSecOps Voyage

2023-02-15 14:00 - 17:30

Exclusive Roundtable -The DevSecOps Voyage

 Veracode, a leading DevSecOps provider, and ectacom, a CyberSecurity Business Development distributor, are hosting Munich’s First “DevSecOps Journey” roundtable.

Securing software is no small task. That’s why Veracode was created. We help you easily integrate application security into your software development life cycle. Working with your developers in the environments where they work. Securing open-source libraries. Educating your developers so that development is secure from the start. Connecting your security and development teams, ensuring compliance to policy.

Chris WysopalChris Wysopal, Veracode's Co-Founder and CTO, oversees technology strategy and information security. Chris Wysopal will lead the roundtable to review and discuss the Application Security experiences and questions of those present.

This is a unique opportunity to interact with Chris Wysopal, one of the thought leaders in application security from the very beginning, and learn, via examples and success stories, how large organizations have succeeded in implementing corporate-wide DevSecOps programs.

Roundtable Location

Il Carretto
Zugspitzstraße 46A
85591 Vaterstetten
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 You'll take part in an exciting DevSecOps journey, benefit from real customer experiences, engage in technical discussions with DevSecOp experts, and network while culinary treats are served.


14:00-14:15: Reception & Welcome
14:15-15:00: The DevSecOps Voyage, Keynote by Chris Wysopal
15:00-16:00: Networking Luncheon
16:00-16:15: Veracode Customer Experience
16:15-17:15: Roundtable Discussion
17:15-17:30: Summary & End

Why Veracode? 

 We are looking forward to welcoming and networking with you!

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