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Garland Technology: Network Visibility

Garland Technology provides industry leading test access points (TAPs), inline bypass TAPs, network packet brokers (NPB), and Cloud visibility solutions.

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About Garland Technology

Garland Technology is a USA-based manufacturer of Network TAPs, Network Packet Brokers, Hardware Data Diodes, and Inline Bypass solutions. Since 2011, Garland Technology has been helping companies’ OT and IT network monitoring and security sensors deliver on their promise of performance and protection because Garland Technology reliably delivers all of the data the sensors need to perform.

Garland Technology is the only company 100% focused on delivering packets to network tools with easy-to-use, flexible, and no strings attached hardware. This focus is grounded in Garland Technology’s “TAP to Tool” philosophy. Garland Technology understands that companies invest a great deal of time, money, and personnel in network tools. They strive to empower those network tools, not compete with them.

With zero subscription fees, customers of Garland Technology enjoy a lower Total Cost of Ownership over 3-5 years compared to purchases of competitors’ products.

Product & Function Overview

Network TAP

A Network TAP is a purpose-built hardware device that allows you to access and monitor your network traffic by copying packets without impacting or compromising network integrity. The TAP allows network traffic to flow between its network ports without interruption, creating an exact copy of both sides of the traffic flow, continuously, 24/7, 365. The duplicate copies are sent out the monitoring ports of the TAP and are then used for monitoring and security analysis.

Network Packet Broker (NPB)

A Network Packet Broker is a hardware device that provides a collection of monitoring tools with access to traffic from across the network. An NPB receives data from a number of network links then acts as a broker, dealing the relevant data out to the connected monitoring tools. A NPB has advanced functionality to aggregate, load balance, filter, and deduplicate traffic to improve tool efficiency and reduce CAPEX costs.

Hardware Data Diodes

Hardware Data Diodes and Data Diode TAPs are useful and cost-effective solutions to help provide an additional layer of security in OT networks. There are situations where the use of SPAN/Mirror ports is still needed for visibility in an OT network. In these instances, it is best practice to connect the SPAN/Mirror port to a hardware Data Diode to pass the mirrored data onto the monitoring and security sensors. Using hardware Data Diodes eliminate bidirectional traffic flow ensuring that no data is passed back into the Switch Mirror port.

Inline Bypass

The Bypass TAP was developed specifically to resolve the problem of an inline security tool creating a point of failure. Bypass mode prevents inline devices from being a single point of failure and causing network downtime. Network downtime can be costly for organizations and add hours of work to already short-staffed security teams. In the event the device fails or if there is a power loss, the heartbeat packets that are sent from the bypass TAP to the inline device trigger the TAP to “bypass” that inline device. This leaves the network link up or triggers a failover to a redundant device. The heartbeats added to the redirected traffic have additional functionality: they allow the Bypass TAP to be aware of the health of an inline appliance.

Core Functions

Garland Technology’s Network TAPs include:

Portable, Half-U, Modular

10/100/1000M, 1G, 10G, 25G, 40G, 100G, 400G

100Base-FX, 100Base-LX

Extreme Temperature

Military-grade TAPs

SPAN Aggregation

DC Power

DIN Rail Mounts

Power Locks

Garland Technology’s Network Packet Brokers include:

Half-U, 1U, 2U

10/100/1000M, 1G, 10G, 25G, 40G, 100G

Extreme Temperature

Fly-away Kit

Inline Security

TAP Hybrid

Garland Technology’s Inline Bypass include:

EdgeSafe Bypass TAPs

EdgeLens Focus Inline Packet Brokers - 1/2U

EdgeLens Inline Packet Brokers - 1G, 10G, 40G, 100G

Garland Technology’s Data Diodes include

Hardware Data Diodes for 10/100/1000M SPAN inputs

Data Diode TAPs

Data Diode Aggregators

Garland Technology’s Unique Selling Proposition

  • Manufacture in the USA

    Garland Technology engineers, manufactures, and supports their hardware solutions in Richardson, Texas. Their products are Made in the USA.

  • 100% Focus is Delivering Packets

    Garland Technology is the third largest manufacturer of Network TAPs, Network Packet Brokers, Data Diodes, and Inline Bypass solutions in the industry. Yet, they are the only company 100% focused on delivering packets to network tools with easy-to-use, modular, and no strings attached solutions. This focus is grounded in their “TAP to Tool” philosophy. At Garland Technology, they understand that companies invest a great deal of time, money, and personnel in network tools. Garland Technology strives to empower those network tools, not compete with them.

  • No Subscription Fees

    Subscriptions are not required for any of the features in Garland Technology’s products. There are never any per-port or feature license fees charged by Garland Technology ever. They will not lock you into future expenditures that are not disclosed upfront.

  • Modular Solutions

    Garland Technology takes a modular approach to their network TAPs and Network Packet Brokers, offering separate and dedicated hardware appliances to perform specific tasks. This allows network teams to deploy exactly what is needed when it’s needed.

  • Extensive OT Network Experience

    Garland Technology understands that industrial and critical infrastructure OT networks are unique environments, with demanding and exacting requirements. Garland Technology has products that operate in a variety of conditions like extreme temperatures, vibration, DC power, tight spaces, 100Base-FX media, and unidirectional traffic flow. Their products have been deployed in dozens of OT networks in all types of critical infrastructure environments such as water treatment, nuclear power, and oil refineries.

  • Use any MSA Compliant Transceiver

    Garland Technology’s network TAPs and Network Packet Brokers do not require mandatory transceivers. Garland Technology is a Multi-Source Agreement transceivers vendor. Any MSA compliant transceiver works in their products.

  • Metal Chassis

    Garland Technology’s products are built with metal construction providing durability during installation and throughout life of deployment.

  • Owner Operated

    Co-Founders Chris Bihary (CEO) and Jerry Dillard (CTO) are always available to consult on projects and provide their expertise. In fact, assisting critical infrastructure networks is in the DNA of Garland Technology. Co-Founders Chris Bihary (CEO) and Jerry Dillard (CTO) got their start in the industry working on critical networks like emergency call centers and fighter jets respectively. This instilled an ambition to help ensure critical networks never fail. In fact, Jerry Dillard invented the industry’s first Bypass technology that is mainstream today.

    Use Cases

    OT Security Use Cases
    • If using SPAN is the only option to connect security sensors to an OT network then additional security measures should be taken.

    Use a Hardware Data Diode to enforce one-way data flow for switch SPAN links with physical hardware separation, guaranteeing protection of critical digital systems, such as industrial control systems (ICS), from inbound cyber threats.

    • Centralize security sensors and protect multiple network links or network segments.

    Use a Data Diode TAP or Data Diode Aggregating TAP. Aggregate copies to one or two security sensors - helping centralize solutions. The hardware based data diode design ensures no Ethernet packets can physically be sent back to the live network via the monitoring ports on the TAP. Monitoring ports cannot send any traffic back into the network ports of the TAP.

    Inline Security Use Cases
    • If installing an inline security tool then - at a minimum - install a 4 port Bypass TAP between the inline tool and the network.

    This external Bypass TAP will prevent the inline security tool from becoming a single point of failure. The Bypass TAP allows the inline tool to be taken offline to perform maintenance or troubleshooting without also taking the network down.

    • If there are both inline and out-of-band security tools connected to the network then install an Inline Security Bypass Packet Broker.

    An Inline Packet Brokers contains a Bypass TAP to manage the availability of inline tools, instrument high availability (HA) deployments, and tool chaining. As well as network TAP packet visibility for out-of-band monitoring tools like threat detection, storage and performance monitoring with packet broker functionality like traffic aggregation, filtering and load balancing.

    Out-of-Band Monitoring
    • Network TAPs are easy to deploy and configure. Network TAPs are a more reliable way to send copies of network traffic to out-of-band monitoring tools (compared to SPAN mirroring).

    -Breakout mode sends each side of traffic to separate monitoring ports. This ensures that no packet is lost to high priority monitoring tools.

    -Aggregation mode is used to merge traffic streams into one monitoring port to reduce tool costs, and is often used in combination with filtering data streams. It allows the creation of multiple copies of network data to support multiple devices from a single connectivity point.

    -Regeneration mode, also known as SPAN mode, creates multiple copies of network data to support multiple devices from a single connectivity point like a SPAN link.

    • Network TAPs can be combined with Network Packet Brokers to form a “TAP to Agg” solution.

    -When multiple network links are tapped, many monitor links could be generated. At this point, there are two options on how to handle the monitor links: connect each monitor link directly into the tool or send the monitor links into a Network Packet Broker that can reduce the number of connections needed to get the data to the tool. TAP to Agg reduces the amount of monitor links required, thus simplifying the deployment of tools and reducing costs for the customer (especially when budgets are tight).

    Impact of Garland’s technology on Security Level, Compliance, TCO & Resource Optimization

    Network TAPs are 100% secure and invisible. Network TAPs have no IP address, no Mac address, and cannot be hacked.

    Network TAPs are an industry best practice compared to SPAN port mirroring because they:

    • Deliver copies of every packet ensuring a security tool has total visibility.
    • Guarantee unidirectional traffic.
    • Provide Failsafe protection if the TAP loses power.
    • Are simple to set up and configure.

    In critical network deployments like OT environments, if using SPAN is the only option to connect security sensors then additional security measures should be taken, like use Hardware Data Diodes or Data Diode TAPs.

    Data Diodes Network TAPs sit in a network segment connecting two appliances like a network switch and a firewall, that support the critical link. The Data Diode TAP sends a unidirectional copy of that traffic to the out-of-band monitoring tools, the link between the two appliances is unaffected. There is no physical connection between the Data Diode monitoring ports and the network, eliminating any possible intrusion from the destination. Unidirectional or one-way data flow is designed to secure OT networks from external threats and maintain business continuity, adhering to OT cybersecurity compliances such as the EU’s NIS2 Directive.

    The Bypass TAP was developed specifically to resolve the problem of an inline tool causing a single point of failure (SPOF) in the network. In the event an inline device becomes unavailable, it is bypassed and traffic is automatically forwarded around the failed tool.

     A Network TAP and Network Aggregator solution from Garland Technology can help extend the life of a customer’s existing Network Packet Broker and drive greater ROI out of the initial investment.

    Aggregation consolidates a high number of low utilization 1G network links down to just a few ports on a higher speed (40G/100G) monitoring tool or Network Packet Broker. This aggregation of ports results in a simplified way to reduce the per port cost on expensive Network Packet Brokers.

     Customers that are unable to afford incorporating multiple security and monitoring tools into their network can leverage Network TAPs and Network Packet Brokers to TAP multiple links or segments and consolidate to fewer network tools. TAPs and Network Packet Brokers help enable the visibility and protection customers are seeking without bankrupting the budget.

    • Benefits of a partnership with the vendor

      There are several advantages of partnering with Garland Technology.

      Resellers receive stability working with Garland Technology. Stability in product focus and stability in messaging. This stability comes from Garland Technology’s commitment to remaining privately-owned. Garland Technology is not going to change their business model or approach.

      Garland Technology’s co-owners are 100% committed to the Channel. Garland Technology is the only reseller-friendly TAP and Packet Broker manufacturer in the world. Garland Technology wants to grow their business through the Channel. Garland Technology’s competitors - on the other hand - often take deals direct and go through ownership changes that upend the Channel.

      Garland Technology is motivated by revenue and is looking for Resellers who want to make money now and five (5) years from now.

      Garland Technology offers full discounts and deal protection.

      Architecting Network TAPs and Network Packet Brokers from Garland Technology into end user projects means good things for Resellers. For instance:

      • Sell more tools and services (Garland’s pricing model and no subscription fees means they take less of the customer’s budget than their competitors).
      • Earn incremental margin (including Garland on project quotes will create an incremental sale).
      • Every Customer’s network is unique and Resellers will be able to architect any network environment with Garland’s wide-ranging portfolio (the most robust in the industry).

      Also, Garland Technology allows Resellers to expand their customer base by selling into other teams and other departments.

      Garland Technology is easy to work with and has resources available to assist their Reseller partners.

      Garland Technology has a TAP-IT Partner Program with tiered discounts, deal registration, collateral, and training. Resellers can visit the TAP-IT Partner Portal to request a quote and receive approval on the registered discount.

      Additionally, Garland Technology offers:

      Margin protection on deal registration.

      • Discounts on warranty and warranty renewals.
      • No threshold deal size for deal registration.

      Garland Technology offers free network diagrams to explain the solution.

      Garland Technology refers end user projects to Resellers.

      Garland Technology’s sales and pre-sales engineers are available to assist in the deal process at any time.

    • Benefits of a partnership with ectacom

      • PreSales support for Garland Technology
      • Joint development of marketing strategies, mailing campaigns as well as joint implementation of telemarketing campaigns
      • Garland Technology partners benefit from a dedicated ectacom contact person who coordinates enquiries or requests with internal specialists from product management, marketing and technology. Due to short decision-making processes, important decisions can be made very quickly.
    • Vendor Support & Maintenance Options

      Garland Technology stands behind their products with two (2) warranty options.

      1. Return to Factory (RTF) warranty includes: Web Support, Phone Technical Support, Firmware Updates, Repair or Replacement.
      2. Premier Technical Support (PTS) warranty includes: RTF benfits plus Priority Technical Support, Advanced Replacement, RMA Prepaid Shipping, Remote Configuration.

      The Support section of Garland Technology’s website has resources like installation guides, API guides, and firmware updates for self-service. Also, customers can submit a tech support request on the Support page for personalized assistance.

    • Licensing

      Licenses are not required for any features of Garland Technology’s portfolio.  All features and ports are active when the product is shipped. There will never be any additional per-port or feature license fees from Garland Technology. New feature releases via firmware upgrades will not be charged either. As long as a customer maintains an active warranty they will receive all new feature releases.

    • Technology Partnerships

      Nozomi Networks, ExtraHop, Dragos.

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